:: Chronicles ::

  There are creatures abroad, like ghosts, but less ethereal - teenagers who have been taken out of their time and place by forces they can barely imagine.  
  Removed to another dimension, known to those who fear it as the Dark Realm, these creatures have powers ordinary humans merely dream about - but they also have limitations.  
  Being only partially of this world and mostly of the Shadow Realm, they function better in the absence of light. Strong sunlight and even artificial light cause them to fade and they are forced to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes. Over-exposure to full daylight will send them back to the Shadow Realm. Forever.  
  They are called Shades.  
  Uncertain about their place in this world, the Shades soon learn that there is conspiracy afoot and they are inexorably forced to confront the evil that would turn the living world into a barren darkness, a horrifying extension of the Shadow world.  
  To overcome the Darkness, the Shades turn to each other, some unwillingly, and are forced to make alliances with ordinary humans around them. In their fight against the Shadow world, the Shades will confront their own fears and learn the answer to the most terrifying question of all: who are they?  



Shadow Dance
Night Beast
Ancient Light
Black Sun Rising