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Robert Hood is an experienced writer of horror-fantasy, science fiction and crime for adults, young adults and children alike.

His imagination veers toward the strange and the sinister, always seeking to bring his readers back to reality, no matter what distant world he may have led them to first.

His stories have appeared in major magazines and anthologies worldwide, and he has won a number of important awards over the years.

Several years ago, in cahoots with his friend Bill Condon, Robert wrote CREEPERS - a series of nine comic horror novels for children. These were read enthusiastically by younger readers and have since been published overseas. They were very weird and very funny.

Robert's young adult novel BACKSTREETS, however, was a study of grief which touched the hearts and imaginations of more mature readers and was grounded firmly in the real world. While not a horror novel, it explored a dark area of the human spirit, as its main character Kel seeks for his dead friend in the backstreets of a large city.

BACKSTREETS was listed as a Notable Book by the CBC.

Now Robert has turned his hand to the strange mythology of the SHADES - taking the ghost tale and reworking it for a new millennium.

This is high adventure in a threatening and complex world of darkness and danger - a world that is the one we live in, but seen through different eyes.



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