Creeper and his friends Natalie and Boris are TINOTS -- The International Network Of The Supernatural. They're dedicated to helping people troubled by monsters, ghosts and anything weird.

Creeper, Nat and Boris can be contacted via the Internet. In each adventure, they face a mind-boggling array of freakish creatures armed only with humour, good luck and unbounded enthusiasm.

The CREEPERS books combine an outrageous sense-of-humour with heart-stopping action, mind-numbing horror and over-the-top weirdness. This is imagination run riot!

is the creepiest, yuckiest, funniest, most gruesomely outrageous and surprise-packed children's horror series ever to hit the unsuspecting bookshelves of the planet Earth.

Each adventure is an hilarious excursion into an action-packed, monstrous world of imaginative fun!

You're going to love them!
You won't be able to put them down!
You'll be scared into fits of laughter!
You'll haunt the bookshops looking for the next one in the series!
You'll laugh till you barf -- with CREEPERS!!

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