Bill Condon dressed formally for this photo --
although the truth is, he's in his underwear
from the waist down.

CREEPERS co-author: Bill Condon

Bill Condon was born in the back of a taxi. Unfortunately his mother couldn't afford to pay the fare, so he spent his early years in the boot of a Holden. His ambition in life is to find the taxi-driver.

Bill has written 25 books for children, but co-writing CREEPERS was his first venture into the horror genre. He was extremely nervous the entire time, always having been scared of ghosts and monsters. While writing the books, he would lock himself in the kitchen cupboard (which is about the same size as the boot of a Holden) and cover his head with a blanket. This made him feel better but made it very hard to actually see what he was writing. However, this too was a good thing, because what he was writing was far too scary for him to read.

Bill specialises in humorous books, even though his own life has been marked by tragedy -- for the first twenty years of his life he had a siamese twin but didn't know it ... he simply thought he was being closely followed.

Bill has written books of plays, poetry and non-fiction, as well as prose. A former journalist, he is now a fulltime writer. His titles include: Jerry the Jerk, That Smell Is My Brother, Hooked on Bananas, Auntie Spells Trouble, The Jolly Green Monster and What a Strinker! as well as a collection of nonsense poems under the title Don't Throw Rocks At Chicken Pox.

He has also written plays for adults which have been performed several times, including Splinters, Blokes Like Him and Brontosaurus Day.With Robert Hood, he wrote a pair of musical comedy-reviews, one of which was funded by Liverpool Council for the Bicentenary celebrations. This was called Roads, Rates and Rubbish.

Commenting on the CREEPERS books, Bill said that reading them was as exciting as being a racing-car driver -- except you don't have to work the pedals!

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