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24 April 2005

Conflux 2
Rydges Hotel, Canberra

Canberra. Australia's National Capital. Strange city of bureaucrats and carparks. On 22-24 April 2005 it was also the site of Conflux -- an enjoyable local SF convention, now in its second year -- and the Australian east-coast launch of DAIKAIJU! GIANT MONSTER TALES. As the convention was taking place only a few weeks after the initial release of the anthology at Swancon 30 in Perth, we had decided that Conflux would be a good place to have a second launch -- one more accessible to those inhabiting the Sydney/Canberra side of the country. As well, Bob Eggleton, the award-winning creator of Daikaiju!'s magnificent cover art, would be in attendance. It was an opportunity not to be missed.

So, on Sunday of the ANZAC Day weekend, we gathered in the open foyer area of the convention centre, with microphone, podium, piles of books, a few meagre nibblies, Bob, and a decent crowd of wellwishers and interested parties -- and once again released the Monster into the world.

The event began with a few words of encouragement from the publisher, Cat Sparks. And then...

Editor Robert Hood, in the absence of distant fellow editor Robin Pen, does his best to impersonate them both. As you can see, the audience is enthralled.

Cover artist Bob Eggleton impersonates Godzilla. After which, he officially declared the book launched.
While contributor Chris Barnes (unseen here) reads from his story, fellow contributors (from left) Richard Harland, Michelle Marquardt and Chuck McKenzie await their turn. Michael Barry and Deb Biancotti officiate at the selling table, anticipating the rush of eager customers.
Contributor Richard Harland gives a typically theatrical reading. (Actually he's indicating how he'll deal with anyone who doesn't buy a copy of the book.)
After the readings, attending contributors hold a signing session. At some point, I notice that Bob and I, at opposite ends of the production line, are alternating between the same two witticisms (though Bob would occasionally draw lucky customers a little monster pic, which is probably what he's doing here).
The signing continues. The eager fan on the right, whom Bob is eying suspiciously, is author Simon Brown.
Editor Robert Hood and artist Bob Eggleton, dressed by Toho. (And, no, we didn't deliberately co-ordinate our t-shirts... it was pure coincidence.)
From left: that editor again, Agog! publisher Cat Sparks, and cover artist, Bob you-know-who.

Rob and Bob do the Goji Shie in celebration of the event. They are then locked away in a cupboard by the management in order to protect the general public.

Later, at the convention disco, Bob lets his hair down. On the left, fellow artist and kaiju enthusiast Marianne Plumridge joins in.

The convention was a great success for Daikaiju! -- and was capped off when Bob sold me the original cover painting for a generously low price. Everyone was envious.

Next comes the National SF convention Thylacon in Hobart, Tasmania (10-13 June) and then Continuum in Melbourne (15-17 July).


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