Guidolon: The Movie
An Ongoing Progress Report

Todd Tennant (who is responsible for the colour insert that appears in the Australian edition of Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales, as well as the cover illustration for Daikaiju! 2) has been working with author Frank Wu and filmmaker Dan Tapia on a short animated film that introduces viewers to the "special" world of Guidolon and his Kaiju-pals as read about in Frank's "The Tragical History of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken" (Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales). Todd has been developing most of the designs for the characters and backgrounds of Frank's creations.

Here are some links that will give a pretty good idea of what has been and is going on:

  • Here is the first "dramatic reading" at Loscon, the Los Angeles science fiction convention over Thanksgiving, 2005.
  • Here are some of Frank's and Todd's "character sketches".
  • Here is a rough "in-progress" version of their story-board.
  • ...and lastly, here is a peek at some of their backgrounds.

Latest News: the "test reel" is almost completed. I've seen it and it's great! Various network avenues are being explored to translate the reel into a TV series -- and there have been nibbles. Keep coming back here to see what eventuates. (15 June 2006) \

Note: Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken now has his own site. Go here for all the latest information.

Things have moved on in the world of Guidolon the Movie. Here, for your edification, is the wonderful Director's Cut of the film. Enjoy! (31 May 2007)

In case you want to watch the movie on the actual YouTube site, or leave a comment there for Frank, here's the link to it.


Test Animations

Here's the kicker. Animator BenniiD (aka Benjamin Denrich), working with Frank and Todd, has produced several actual animated "test" sequences.

The first involves the giant space jellyfish Jerora, seen here dancing. Click on the gelatine image on the right to take part in the kaiju celebration. Feel free to dance along with Jerora.

Note: This animation and that of the spaceship, unlike the others on this page, have no sound. Just sing along to the music Jerora is listening to, in his head.

Close the window afterwards to return here.

jerora dances

Next up Todd, Frank and BenniiD give you a glimpse of the Big Boss Monster, No. 1, head of the film studio where Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken is making his magnum opus. He's voiced by J.S. Gilbert.


Once again, just click on the image of No. 1 on the right.

This animation, also created by BenniiD, Frank and Todd, features Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken himself.

The clip represents the Guidolon project's first official entry for the inevitable "blooper" reel, as the voice and dialogue you will hear issuing from Guidolon's beak actually belong to the Big Studio Boss, No. 1 (as from the previous animation). Quite a hilarious goof actually!

Click on the image of Guidolon on the right to experience the terror.

guidolon talks no. 1

The Receptionists of Big Studio Heads are always weird, I'm sure. Well here's Todd's version of No. 1's Receptionist, again animated by Frank and BenniiD.

And, yes, she talks (voiced by Natasha Levitan). So listen carefully or you might miss something important. Click on her image on the right.

See our heroes' spaceship, the XK-Omega-9, hurtle through the sky, dodging Takashi's fire breath and firing its lasers in response. The sequence was animated by BenniiD and Frank. Click on the image on the right.
Fribugus is the Studio's fearsome production "doctor", sent in the rescue ailing projects. If you click on his image on the right, you can see him in action, courtesy of Frank, Todd, and animator Jonah Gray.
Here's the Production Assistant, Timothy. Sort of the eager innocent who finds he's horrified by Guidolon the Movie Director's antics. The clip is voiced by Jim Terman, animated by BenniiD, designed by Todd Tennant, with visual blandishments by Frank Wu.
Takashi is the once-noble Shakespearean actor who, for monetary reasons, accepts the humiliating role of playing Guidolon's alter ego, in a chicken suit. The clip is voiced by J.S. Gilbert, designed by Todd Tennant, animated by BenniiD, with visual blandishments by Frank Wu.
And now, here is the opening of the film -- designed by Todd Tennant and Frank Wu, and animated by Jonah Gray. Additional co-conspirators: Rachel Forbes drew the wings, Dave Fleminger did the dramatic music, and we hear Chris Garcia's voice at the end as Guidolon. One warning though: this file is 4.8 MB in size and takes a while to download.
All material copyright © Todd Tennant and Frank Wu, 2006

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