Giant Monster Trashes City: The Movie


(standing, from left) S. Lennon, J. Groom, T. Calder, S. Agius, I. Triffitt, A. Cinis, R. Taylor, J. Armstrong, M. Spain, K. Goldsworthy, T. Newsom, R. Wyzenbeek.
(sitting, from left) B. Young, G. Kennedy, G. Barnard, R. Lee, R. Hood, N. Roberts, M. Harris (reclining)
(standing) S. Agius, J. Armstrong, B. Young, A. Cinis, R. Taylor, K. Goldsworthy.
(sitting) G. Kennedy, J. Groom, G. Barnard, R. Lee, M. Spain

Left: A. Cinis contemplating A. Boot

Right: A. Cinis eating A. Boot

Left: G. Barnard, busy producing

Right: W. Evans, M. Harris, busy shooting

Left: R. Wyzenbeek, N. Roberts, making up

Right: Cast reading

Left: Cast still reading

Right: On-set Rehearsals

Left: J. Groom, rehearsing the cast

Right: More rehearsals (with Rodan)

Left: Effects Test (before)

Right: Effects Test (after)

From left: B. Young, G. Kennedy, G. Barnard (and friend)
Pictures by Cat Sparks, Steph Lennon and Michael J. Harris
For those who want to know what it's all about,
the original story upon which the film was based is available on-line. Just click on the icon below.

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Pictures © Barnard's Star Productions, 2003


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