Paul A. Toth, whose story "Stoma" is set to appear in


has just announced the publication of his novel Fishnet and would like to issue a general invitation to any friends of Daikaiju! to attend the Release Party for the novel.


Thursday, July 28 at 7:00 p.m.
311-315 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan
(800) 490-7023

For more information, go to

It's a rather long hike for the Australian Daikaiju! editors,
but we'll be there in spirit.


"Toth is a smart writer with a natural gift for dialogue and creative introspection. Fishnet will make you smile, laugh, feel, and think. Ultimately it will leave you hopeful."
-- Charlie Stella, author of Cheapskates and many more
"An imaginative and stirring book! Paul A. Toth's Fishnet is like stepping into a Salvador Dali painting, a world where its inhabitants slip into other realities to escape the painful or treadmill-like existences their lives have become. Sheila and Maurice Melnick know they've both grown numb in their marriage and that they cannot save each other, yet they will not walk away. Toth takes us deep into these characters' broken, vulnerable hearts to discover what still lives within and between them."
-- Susan Henderson, Managing Editor, Night Train
"Toth shows the different sides of his characters by juxtaposing contradictory thoughts and descriptions within the same paragraph, sometimes even the same sentence. In doing so, he captures common yet complex emotions, such as the conflict between blissful ignorance and isolating, paranoid self-consciousness. His books feature darkly comic storylines told with a deft ironic tone, yet both books cover such familiar, relatable human ground that they are ultimately reassuring."
-- Tom Jackson recommends Fishnet on the MorrishGirl Blog

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