One of kaiju artist Todd Tennant's greatest creations is a gigantic mutant komodo dragon named King Komodo. King Komodo features prominently on Todd's AMERICAN KAIJU website, star of terrific paintings, an exciting comic and a film-in-process.

As if that isn't enough, the site is also home of Gigante, Retro Monsters, and an online work-in-progress King Kong vs Godzilla comic (Go and read it! Now!), as well as a heap of fiction and a growing archive of kaiju film reviews by Mike Bogue.

To whet your appetite, Todd has sent Daikaiju! some pictures. First up is the classic King Komodo, here giving Las Vegas a hard time after some heavy losses at the roulette table:

Then a new updated version of King Komodo, revealed here for the first time:

Click on the image to see a bigger version!

King Komodo and a host of other kaiju in full battle action:

Now that you've had a preview, you have no excuse not to go and check out the fabulous AMERICAN KAIJU site in its full, mind-blowing glory.

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