David Carroll
Q & A
Daikaiju! story: "Footprint"

When did your interest in daikaiju and other giant monsters begin? What inspired it?

If you ever go to a party at Rob's house, it always turns into a giant monster fest in the living room. How could I resist? (Also, it had the potential to earn money for a short story, which is always nice.)

Perhaps you can tell us something of your career to date.

I have had several short stories published, and have been writing game material for several RPG companies, including White Wolf and Eden Studios. An early foray into horror 'zines with my partner Kyla Ward has lead to the Tabula Rasa website, full of articles, interviews, comics and a history of horror.

How many giant monsters stories have you written/had published?

This is my second (although my first, 'Barren Earth' from Agog! Fantastic Fiction, may not be immediately recognised as such).

What would you consider your major work to be?

In a few months time I will have a book published for the Angel RPG, called the Angel Investigator's Casebook. That's my largest project thus far. The history of horror may be my most influential work already released.

Where does your fascination for giant monsters come from (if you have one)?

They're just like little monsters, but MUCH MUCH BIGGER! (Did I mention the money?)

Are there any written stories or novels (or films) featuring giant monsters that you would particularly recommend?

I can't really recommend the film Welcome to Woop Woop, but the giant monster is probably the best thing about it.

What lies ahead for you?

There is a top secret project that may happen this year (or not). But I can't tell you about that. So I'll say I'm trying to write a novel instead, which is always true.

Can you tell us how you came to write your story for the DAIKAIJU! anthology? What thoughts lay behind it?

There are three distinct elements to the story -- the location, and the two main characters. They each came separately, and some time apart. I thought the location would lead to some interesting political currents, and the background of Odawara came from stories of similar people I read by chance. Finally, the character of Michele was a way of emphasising the effect the monster was having on the world.

February 2005


The anthology is published by Agog! Press.

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