Above: Godzilla fights "the thing" (aka Mothra)


Brian Thomas
Q & A
Daikaiju! article: "Wonders 8 Through 88"

When did your interest in daikaiju and other giant monsters begin? What inspired it?

Guess like most kids I had an interest in giants. I was one of those kids that could identify lots of dinosaurs at age 3. Then I caught the end of Godzilla vs. the Thing on the Channel 7 afternoon movie. I was confused at first because I thought Godzilla was supposed to be some kind of Hercules-type hero that would fight the big dino monster. But once I caught on I was hooked.

Perhaps you can tell us something of your career to date.

Which one?

What would you consider your major work to be?  

VideoHound’s Dragon: Asian Action and Cult Flicks

Where does your fascination for giant monsters come from (if you have one)?

An infantile fascination with rubber squeaky toys.

Different people have different ideas as to why the giant monster genre holds such power? What is your take on it? 

Read my chapter.

What is your favourite giant monster film? Why that one? 

Mothra vs. Godzilla (aka Godzilla vs. the Thing). My first (?) and still one of the best.

Are there any written stories or novels featuring giant monsters that you would particularly recommend?   

Marc Cerasini’s Random House Godzilla pulp novels. They’re great fun.

Can you tell us how you came to write your story for the DAIKAIJU! anthology? What thoughts lay behind it? 

You asked me!

The daikaiju genre (such as it is) has been very film-focussed to date. Did this prove a problem when you came to writing your story?  


What would you say to those new to the idea of daikaiju films and stories?

Do you know how to read?

February 2005


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