Slime Zone

by Bill Condon and Robert Hood

It's total mayhem in the country town of Tootal. Cows are roaring like tormented tigers. Foxes are mooing, like cows. The townspeople have turned into ferocious ferals.

Creeper and his mates from TINOTS (the International Network of the Supernatural) trace the problem to a pongy, polluted dam. They find that deep beneath the dam exists a wriggling world of creatures called Slimes.

After a thousand years below ground the Slimes are heading to the surface.

They're more slippery than a bathtub full of eels.

They're smarter than any slime you've ever met.

And worse still, they have teeth!

There's only one way to stop them. TINOTS must enter the Slime Zone.

"This is the only book I've ever read that made me ooze through the floorboards!" The Blob

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