Rat Heads

by Bill Condon and Robert Hood

A mysterious gang is terrorising the city streets -- appearing out of the shadows to scare pedestrians, mangle cars and rob shops of every scrap of cheese they can find.

But one of their victims is sure that this is no ordinary gang.

When Creeper, Nat and Boris investigate, they find themselves face-to-face with creatures that are part street-kid, part rat -- and all terror!

Where does this monstrous gang of Rat Heads come from? What do they want?

The answer may be more than even the International Network of the Supernatural can handle!

"What a hair-raising story! I think I'll give it to my customers to read." Sweeney Todd, the Mad Barber

"This book was so scary, I nearly stopped reading it. I had to ask myself whether I was a man or a mouse!" Mickey

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