Feeding Frenzy

by Bill Condon and Robert Hood

Diners are hearing spooky noises and seeing grotesque, lurking shapes. Food is being snatched right out of their mouths by invisible forces.

No wonder they're losing their appetites! No wonder they're losing their lunch!

What is going on at Fishcake Annie's Restaurant?

In desperation Fishcake contacts TINOTS -- The International Network Of The Supernatural.

When Creeper, Nat and Boris investigate they discover the restaurant is crawling with hideous creatures. And they're dead hungry!

Can TINOTS do anything to stop this banquet of blood-curdling terror? Or will they become just another tasty treat in a ghostly feeding frenzy?

"This book should be banned. It made me laugh my head off -- after I'd spent a fortune having it sewn back on! As well, I screamed so much I can hardly say boo!" The Headless Hoarse Man

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