Brain Sucker

by Bill Condon and Robert Hood

On a distant planet lives a monster desperately in need of something only Earthlings can provide. Human brains!

For a years the monster's army of servants has made regular trips to Earth to abduct suitable specimens for the brain-sucking process.

No one even suspects what is happening, until a strange man called Crazy Chadwick asks for help from The International Network of the Supernatural (TINOTS).

Can the TINOTS team of Creeper, Nat and Boris do anything to stop an army of brain-hungry megas monster? Or will their efforts leave them as spaced-out victims of the Brain Sucker?

"I absolutely devoured this book. It put hairs on my chest!" Wolf Man

"Wow! What a juicy story! It was so scary I had to keep a light on in my coffin while I read it." Count Dracula

"As one who has been abducted by aliens myself, I can vouch for the accuracy of this book. And it's as spooky as the real thing!" B. Clinton

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